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GVG Invivo Hopitals houses state of the art Clinical Lab facilities equipped with latest automated equipment to process your blood samples  and give you accurate results. Your blood samples will be drawn by experienced phlebotomist to make it as painless as possible.
We assure minimum time to turn around the results except for some rare tests.
The below mentioned specialised tests are done in our LAB

Biochemistry : RBS, FBS & PPBS , GTT , HBA1C, Serum insulin , Blood urea/BUN, Serum creatinine, Uric Acid , Serum Calcium, Ionic calcium, Serum
Lipid profile, Renal profile, Pregnancy profile, Electrolytes, LFT(Liver function test) , TB & DB , Total protein & Albumin Globulin , Acid phosphate, SGOT, Troponin-I,
Troponin-T,   D-Dimer, TIBC, Gamma GT, Amylase, Lipase, Alkaline Phosphatase, CPK, CKMB, LDH, Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Urine micro albumin, 24hrs urine protein, Urine
Protein creatinine Ratio. Hormonal tests – Thyroid profile (T3,T4,TSH ),FSH,LH,PROLACTIN , Testosterone, Free T3 & T4, Vitamin B12 , Vitamin D & F. PSA , Ferritin , Iron profile,
Haematology : COMPLETE HAEMOGRAM , CBC , Haemoglobin ,TLC/DLC , ESR ,Peripheral smear, platelet count,  MP, RBCs count, B.T/C.T , Prothrombin Time(PT), Partial Thrombopiarfin Time(PTT), APTT ,  Blood group & RH Type, Coomb’s Test Direct-Indirect, LE Cells, QBC method MP, Rapid method MP, PCV.
Clinical Pathology : URINE ANALYSIS, URINE SUGAR, Urine complete analysis,Bile salt/Bile pigment, Urobiologics, 24hrs Urine protein, Urine Bence jone protein, Ketone bodies, Stool routine, Stool occult blood,Stool Hanging drop, CSF Analysis…Other body fluid,. CYTOLOGY – FNAC ,PAP Smear, Histo pathology,
Microbiology : URINE C&S , STOOL C&S ,Blood C/S,Sputum for gram stain & AFB stain, Sputum C/S, Body fluid C/S , Throat swab C/S, Mantoux Test , Urine for AFB, Torch panel(SEROLOGY -HIV (SPOT TEST), HbsAg , TB IGG,IGM,IGA , ANA , DNA, HIV ELISA , Dengue Profile, Widal, Typhidot IGG,IGM, ASLO, CRP , RA , VDRL , HCV , B-HCG , Urine Pregnancy Test () Triple marker,

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Copyright by DrGVG Healthcare Pvt Ltd 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by DrGVG Healthcare Pvt Ltd 2019. All rights reserved.