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Straight and Sharp Nose

A straight, narrow and sharp nose in proportion to the rest of the face is always an aesthetic attraction of the face, or else nose could be a source of distraction and distress. Dr GVG’s expertise and aesthetic simulation software make the perfect blend to analyze the face as a whole as well as the nose. The outcome can be planned & visualized through our special MIRROR software. Once both the patient and the surgeon are convinced with the plan and the likely outcome, the rhinoplasty is carried out accordingly giving your nose an apt look that is aesthetically suitable for the face. The procedure may involve correcting/enhancing one or more parts as mentioned below

Hump reduction
Bridge Narrowing/Augmentation/enhancement
Tip Sharpening & Projection
Ala(nostril) reduction
Deviated nasal septum correction
Tip Reduction

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  • Can it effect the eye-sight?
  • What are the side effects ?
  • What is the after care required?
Can it effect the eye-sight?

It does not effect eye sight, rather decreases strain, and improves the aesthetic appearance. There are two distinct types of brow lifts. The first, called a Direct Brow Lift, removes the heaviness and excess tissues thereby leading to a tightening through an incision directly above the eyebrow hairs. This can be very effective in treatment of eyebrow droop.

What are the side effects ?

As with any surgery, infection, swelling and bleeding are possible. Infection is easily avoidable by ensuring proper asepsis and coverage with appropriate antibiotics.

Bleeding after the procedure is not encountered when the modern day equipment are used. Swelling is expected to be there for a week. Keeping your head elevated on 2-3 pillows will help in keeping it minimal.

When performed by a board certified and/or qualified surgeon who is trained in this procedure, complications from this surgery are relatively rare and minor.

What is the after care required?
  • Even though most patients experience very little pain after surgery, the surgeon will still prescribe medication.
  • Some degree of swelling and bruising is unavoidable, and your surgeon may instruct you to use cold compresses to keep swelling to a minimum.
  • If a dressing has been applied, it will be removed within one to two days.
  • The surgeon will also instruct you to keep your head elevated when lying down, to avoid as much activity as possible, and to report any undue discomfort.


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